Wireless Access Sensor Platform

WASPcollect-with-2nd-line-textOur WASPcollect® system is a family of compact configurable wireless data collect platforms designed to support a variety of sensors. With multiple platform options, the system supports various wireless protocols including WiFi, GSM, and 900 MHz. Combined with a smart ARM processor platform operating under Linux®, the system can support most user requirements for data collect, storage, and egress.

The WASPcollect system is available preconfigured for your application or as individual component devices for creating custom sensor solutions. The WASPcollect family of components has a rich list of features including:

  • 5 MP camera and integrated microphone
  • Medium-range 900 MHz RF link
  • High-speed Wi-Fi link
  • GSM link with integrated GPS
  • ARM processor operating with Linux
  • Remote trigger signal control
  • Integrated battery charger

For more information please contact our sales team at 888-685-2100.


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